How To Send A Shipment To Amazon FBA – Walkthrough Guide On How To Prepare Your Stuff

How To Send A Shipment To Amazon FBA - Walkthrough Guide On How To Prepare Your StuffI love to use Amazon FBA and sell a whole bunch of different items. This video applies to all types of items that you can send in, although I do highlight ho…




PickingProfits says:

From what I have read – sort of – but they keep making it more difficult and confusing from what I see.

straightupswiss says:

We need a label tutorial!

The Brooklyn Hustle says:

Do you have/use a USB scanner for processing?

PickingProfits says:

Possibly. Google Amazon FBA Calculator to determine costs and fees

The Brooklyn Hustle says:

I have about 200 low value books that arent worth much but were free to me, do you think its worth the investment of FBA them, just so I cant get them out of my space?

NewAgeNote says:

Does Amazon charge a monthly fee for fba?

PickingProfits says:

Storage fees. I believe it is 60 cents per square foot. I am not entirely sure off the top of my head though

colust says:

great video. Where was the photos of all those books?

PickingProfits says:

Yes, from what I gather they are all very similar but I paid under $20 for mine on Amazon

PickingProfits says:

Perhaps some day soon I will make a video about that as well. You would think you could just ship your stuff to the closest place but that’s not what AMAZON wants lol

PickingProfits says:

Good times

Matthew Thorne says:

thats pretty crazy. Think im on hot streak with the book buying. Spent $90 in 2.5 days this month and the sale value is $1224.Just want to sell one of the $150 books.

PickingProfits says:

Well thanks for letting me know. I am always trying to improve. Perhaps the toner is old. I was using Avery laser labels before. I have been considering using their label service to free up more of my time. One good book found easily pays for them labeling 200 book. I have always heard about water damage or moisture damage and have also considered shrink wrapping my books too – probably a very good idea too. This is all part of the constant pursuit of success thanks for sharing your info

PickingProfits says:

Yeah they are

jayeogarcia says:

Yo ; I found a 1967 progressive art product. Do you know anything about it

411AboutThings says:

Awesome vid man! Can you make a video on how to put the stickers on the products before sending them to amazon? Also how does the stickerless deal work? im very interested in FBA so any videos you want to make about it would be great!
I see the FBA center you sent the boxes to was in chester i live 10min from there.

PickingProfits says:

the biggest book sale I ever went to

wijaya47 says:

Hey, got a question. Can you deliver merchandise shipments in person to fulfillment centers?

PickingProfits says:

sorry, I know nothing about it

atownpa says:

A lot of people got away from FBA when Amazon started forcing them to break up their loads and send a few books to multiple warehouses instead of an entire 50 lb batch to just one location. Is Amazon still doing that?

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